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Some scattered internet thoughts

started in the year 2012 (now it sounds outdated: the world is advancing at a really fast pace..)

Why this web site? Why the motto of this web site. Can you spot it?
If you can't fight them, join them.
Who am I speaking of?
This will get a big subject and I will fill lot of pages on it.
As a preview: I am speaking of the change in the world. I am speaking of everyone being connected (but only virtually connected) with the rest of the world, I speak of people posting their thoughts everywhere on web sites, I speak of this new way of living, yes because it has changed our lives.
Now, I must say, I have always had a problem with it.
I mean, people do really believe they have friends if they have contacts on some social networks.
People consult feed back pages written by other people - utterly unknown to them - before buying any product.
Finally, people believe they know the world because the world is online and they are observing it (online).
They read online newspapers, they use google to search for information, they see what other people write, they see photographs, they find hotels and nice places... Everything online. What is not there.. well is simply ignored.

Well, the world is not online! Only that portion of the world (society, nature, thoghts etc.) made by someone willing to put it on a web site is online,and there is a complete lack of systematic in this.
As stupid as this thought is, some people do not seem to have it.
Really, some people think that what google cannot find does not exist. Not just like that of course, but if their source of information is the internet then they will inevitably end up knowing only the things that are found there.
Give it some more time.
Sooner or later such people will all become very similar in thought because they are all seing the same (restricted) amount of information on a theme.

I know I am negative on this.
But then I had a positive idea. I'll tell later.
Anyway: Who are those people who write this small portion of information or whatever on the internet?
Mostly people with a lot of time (not always good) or people with an anomalous need of communication; of course also people with commercial intents and in a small part also people wanting to so something good to society by sharing some real knownledge - including some institutions (universities etc.), this last being comaprable to books and so on. But the great majority is just rubbish.
The problem is: we all become similar because we all read the same and because people with a real knowledge (and people who live in social and mental balance) are less likely to share their thougths with strangers through this medium.
Many extremely educated or interesting persons don't love the internet.
Or simply don't need it. And don't have the time.

BUT here a positive thought: Everyone can use the internet so it must not stay like that. If it can do a lot of harm being read by everyone (with 80percent stupid content, it will make whole nations stupid on a long term) this also means that it is a powerful tool for spreading thoughts, I mean also intelligent thoughts..

Maybe I do not have to hate it.
Maybe I can just use it?
I can reach so many people through it, I can also spread less stupid ideas.

Ok course, I cannot control who is reading this, I cannot achieve that only people who can understand me read this. Since you don't know the audience at all, this makes it a lot more difficult. A book is a different thing: more or less you get the audience you are writing to. It happens. The others just don't buy your book.

So what exactly can be done with this internet?
Let me think.. as soon as I found out, I will fill the other pages... ;)

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