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(page made in the years 2015-2016; now already outdated! 2 years ago I could wonder or get angry because of the following things but meanwhile it is normal!! no one wonders about google or amazone doing such things! there is even worse!)

For what reason..?

For what reason keeps Google asking me to review my decision about my privacy?
I mean.. continuously! I already did this so many times!

I did not agree to let Google collect information about the links I visit and I did not agree to letting them show me ads according to my profile.
I mean, it is already a shame to ask once.
But ok, we know they make user profiles and use them for commercial purposes, this is not a secret, that is why they need our data.
At least they ask (because they must).

But.. after I said NO I do not expect to be asked monthly again with no reason! - is Google just going on until I am too tired to spend 10 minutes again going through all the points and repeating the same choice I made (deactivating all privacy issues which are by default activated?).
How can it be like that? Just insisting, tiring people?

Why does everyone accept this without complaints?

And for what reason..?

For what reason does Amazon things like the following?

I have my list with the items I want to remember and I decide to put one item (a very funny DVD!) in the basket from that list.

I also had sent a link to that item to a friend some days ago to recommend it to him too. As it comes out, he bought the DVD for himself. He bought the DVD with his Amazon account, normally.

So now.. how does Amazon knows that someone bought the DVD ""FROM MY LIST???"".
What does that even mean??

Ok, easy to guess: Of course Amazon cannot have access to the mail I sent to my friend recommending the DVD.
But I sent a link in this email. And the link was clicked by him. The link contains additional parameters - among them who produced the link - and it seems thay are saved and evaluated. Also who used my link to buy something is evaluated.
I even get this information, that the link I produced from my wish list was used by a friend of mine.
So I am kindly informed that this friend of mine bought the DVD as it was probably a common present we wanted to buy for someone else.
Sorry this is too much for me.
At least they tell us this! But how much is tracked and not told?!

Of course I asked but Amazon is not answering and explaining how they do this and why. They just answered "everything is ok with your account and your basket".

I feel depressed when I receive such mails, why do they have to treat all of us in their answer mails as idiots by default?

Of course I decided to do what I wanted to do so much time ago: quit everything and let them delete my data.
And of course they answered they cannot delete my data because of some law from Luxembourg.... you can look it up, there is more than one forum with this topic and everyone got the same answer. Amazon sotres all data (all you have done, all you have bought or looked up) for many many years. And this information is used.

Well but at least I am partially free now.
What I bought with Amazon will always be there, for eternity. But from now on they will not spy me any more.

And just a thought: Amazon and all these big selling houses are such giants, all other shops are dying because everyone buys only there.
think about it: do we want this?
they can do what they want if the get so big and have no concurrency! and the others which are not so huge, why shall they disappear? let's help the market to stay in a balance, let's buy our books and stuff in shops!!!

above all.. let us not all do the same! this is the world's problem. everyone doing the same. saying the same. thinking the same.

And for what reason..?

.. can the following happen?

My son had as homework to lookup one chemistry experiment on utube (great homework..).
He did.

He has a Googlemail account which he uses only to read emails and immediately afterwards he logs out. He never uses my computer apart from reading mails and today he looked up the chemistry video on utube (not being logged in).
I do use my computer a lot and also use utube. Difference: I never had a Google account. I also delete cookies every week.

Before deleting cookies today I tipped "utube" in the Google search to see what utube is so stupid to show me it knows about me.
In other words: what does utube recommend today?
It is not much surprise that I see a lot of chemistry videos. This is what was done today on my computer and I didn't delete cookies and stuff afterwards.

Only.... wait.....
What is that eigth video on the right, this french choir song?

Oh it cannot be!

My son had also the homework last week (while staying the afternoon somewhere else) to search for that song at utube - because they are going to learn it.
Now, he did that on another computer. Never here! (my computer is pwd-protected so I must know).
Where he was staying there, he also checked he mails on the Google account previously, thus logging in for a short time on that computer and then logging out.

Now tell me: how can that information be there (him the other day in another house and him today on this computer being the same person, the same user)?
Currently nobody is logged in at Google here, s. Screenshot. Still I get this suggestion!

This proves: If you logged in with Google once, if you just have an account, then you will always be tracked.
You can log out but the information is stored somewhere locally.
He was logged out at the other place when he looked up the video and he was logged out today when searching the chemistry video and even now.
Still I am presented the information that I (well someone using this computer) also am appearantly interested in a french choir singing that song.
The thing is that the information about the behaviour of people being present in the Google account list is collected AND CONNECTED.
Otherwise this could not be possible.

I am happy to see that MY information is not present, simply deleting the cookies does it. I have not such an accountm that must be the reason.
Be aware of this.

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